• Rock-It Bicycle Delivery.

    Minneapolis' finest courier service.

    All bikes, all the time.

  • Courier Services

    Need to get those drawings or that hard drive to your client across town? Let us handle it. Set up an account and you can book deliveries through our app immediately.

  • Our Mission

    Courier-owned. Courier-run. The way it should be.

    Rock-It aims to provide the fastest, most reliable on-demand delivery in Minneapolis. Couriers to your restaurant, business, or home at a moments' notice. No job too big or too small—Rock-It is on the street for you.

  • Meet Our Riders

    Minneapolis' finest fleet of experienced couriers.













  • FAQ

    What you need to know and probably more.

    Sooo, only bikes, huh?

    Bicycles are by far the quickest and most efficient way to traverse the city. We can be halfway across town before your average auto can find a parking spot.

    What do you do in the winter?

    We pedal year-round to deliver the goods. You won't find any fair-weather cyclists here—we have the equipment and experience necessary to handle any situation.

    How much can those bags carry?

    More than you would think. All Rock-It riders use equipment from Trash Messenger Bags, which are handmade in Minneapolis and made to be the strongest, most versatile bags around. Got a big job for us?

    We have a fleet of cargo bikes able to haul whatever you could possibly want.

    I'm not on your client list. Can I still schedule a delivery?

    We're up for most things. Give us a call at 612-465-9247 and we'll see what we can figure out.

    Will you deliver to St. Paul or the suburbs?

    We are Minneapolitans through and through. As such, we keep our delivery zones within the confines of our fair city.